My passion, first and foremost, is film. I went to school to learn the ins and outs of shooting films... Hollywood style films. I have spent the better part of 10 years learning and studying the craft of cinematography. I'm passionate about the technical side of the image. My job is to visually tell the story the Director is trying to deliver to the audience.

With that said, there's no difference between a still image and a moving image... Hear me out. A "movie" is just 24 still frames being displayed in sequence each second to give the illusion of movement. Fascinating, uh? Each image, or frame, is meticulously captured by an entire crew of humans that work behind the scenes.

This brings me to my pitch for still photography. My job is to capture an image... The composition, the light, the moment. I'm available on a very limited basis to shoot weddings, portraits & other predominately still captured events. Don't let this shy you away from contacting me. I just have to choose my weddings carefully as it locks that weekend in stone. If I get a call to fly out to some exotic location and DP a film I will have to decline. I have never and will never cancel or send another photographer in my place for a wedding. So, if you're interested in having me capture an event for you please feel free to contact me!!!


Justin Cary
Cinematographer – Wichita, Kansas
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